about Aashayein 

You earn a penny and share it with someone more needful than you."
That's Add on's more Worthiness to it.
This is what Wortham stands for.
This is what Wortham believes in.
So proudly with all Humility, we are initiating this noble cause

आशाएं - An Initiative of feeding needy ones

उमर ने तलाशी ली तो जेब से लम्हे बरामद हुए कुछ ग़म के थे, कुछ नम थे, कुछ टूटे बस कुछ ही सही सलामत मिले जो बचपन के थे. बचपन के उन्ही लम्हों मे मासूम सी हँसी भरने उम्मीद की पलकों से हम खुशियाँ लाए हैं पनाह मिल जाए रूह को जिनका हाथ छूने से उन्ही नन्हे हाथों के फरिश्तों के लिए ये आशाएँ हैं !

We started this campaign three years ago with a goal of spreading smiles and pure love for a better world for them at least. we have started the change, hold hands to do the same.

Watch the Latest Story about Aashayein Season 3.0 

A must watch video with raw emotions He is a two-year-old kid, named Chand. Try to connect with the euphoric emotion of eternal love for his sister Khushnaaz when he is feeding her with the help of someone else. Too mesmerizing! Share this video and spread love and smiles :)

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for the Year 2016 - 2019

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