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Come and 

Work With Wortham 

This is your time, Your place to create your success story. Don't you think you have waited long enough and  we have just getting started. Our vision is big and drive is bigger. 

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Work From Anywhere

Many of us are able to work from home, a cafe, or a park whenever we want. Yay freedom!

Flexible Hours

Need to work around school drop-offs and pick-ups? Just not a morning person? No worries.

Work & Travel

You can work and travel around the world for shoot  But we expect passport.

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You can choose to spend some time working in other teams to learn new skills and tackle new challenges.

Food & Beverages

Our kitchens are full of fresh fruit, tea, and coffee – all free. Other goodies are available with a small  donation.

Purchasing Leave

You can purchase up to two weeks additional leave and spend more time with the family, or explore the world as much as you like.

Mentoring program

We are amazing people with mad skills. With our mentoring program, you can really learn from the best!

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Paid Parental Leave

We offer 12 weeks at full pay for the primary caregiver and two weeks at full pay for partners. Wortham is a family, so we welcome yours.

Wortham Job Openings

Open Roles

Wortham is a fast growing company and we’re expanding both our office and our remote team. We’re always looking for great talent in the areas of creative, design, technology and marketing. If you’re smart, talented and self-motivated, join us for this exciting journey.

Creative Director

We are looking for a talented creative director who can

lead the creative and video team.

Business Development Manager (Sales)

We are looking for a Business Development Manager who is responsible for the sales and client servicing

Graphic Designer

A highly creative designer who has a passion for the print and digital industry. 

Video Editor

Understanding Emotions and Keen sense of music. These are the qualities we are looking for.


Talented Cinematographers may apply with minimum two years experience.

Digital Marketing Specialist

We are looking for an experienced digital marketer to lead our marketing and branding efforts.

For Job and Internship Inquiries: Mail us -   or   Call us +91-8287474413

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